Paint edging tool

Industry: Paint, Edging / Tools

First edging tool to go completely around a paintbrush!

Target market is for: D-I-Y’s Day time laborers / stay at home moms.

Painters that want: A safer, easier to use, better performing product.

What makes our product different?

We can paint on:

Walls or multi-surface trim! Crown molding to baseboards! We have the flexibility to paint an edge around most things inside or out!

Providing a demand that has not yet been met.

Slide.n.Swipe; specializes in providing a Paintbrush Edging / Shield For individuals who want a Safer better performing and an easier to use paint edging product. This new paint guide helps people from day time laborers to stay at home moms save time and money satisfying an urgent demand. Unlike other paint edging tools that are unsafe and more expensive leaving behind a lot of waste. Spending more time and money then needed.

This product is brought to you by: Brandon & Grace

This product was invented by: Brandon & Grace