Painting in the corners

By; Slide.n.Swipe

Painting next to ceiling next to wall next to adjacent wall?

Painting in the corner?

2 handed paint guard/shield for a brush that takes one hand to hold and the other hand to hold the brush

Paint shields/guards take two hands

See the tape bleed

Painting straight lines in the corner fixing tape bleed
Takes two hands to unroll tape

Taping in takes two hands

Notice in the pictures above where most products that you use with a paintbrush take two hands! Did you notice the tape bleed through in the center picture. Notice the nice straight line that the Slide.n.Swipe and brush are edging perfect? With one hand! Yes, The Slide.n.Swipe team, my wife and I, are proud we offer a painting product that is Safer!

Downside of taping in to paint a straight line

Do you find yourself stuck in a corner painting a lot? Isn’t that where most of the hard work is, cutting in a corner while being on a ladder.  How about how much “Time” does it take to tape off that corner? Pulling a section of tape at a time reaching above your head with both hands trying to stick tape in a straight line and not be awkward on top of the ladder. Than you have to reach up a second time to press as hard as you can so all of the tape seals against the surface. That’s if it sticks to the surface! And what about the tape bleed? What you just go back and tape the other side?

Paint shields / guards for a paintbrush

Well for starters they take two hands. Again Slide.n.Swipe takes only 1, and helps you paint with either hand. Over the years people have invented and suggested bigger paint shields/guards. Heck one person recently came out with a 4 ft. brush guard. Their reasoning I believe ” take off and landing “. As you lift the paint shield away from the corner you take a chance of exposing paint to the other side of the guard. With the Slide.n.Swipe after you master this ” take off and landing” the rest of the time you will be slide. ing n .swipe. ing. All while containing your paint within a paint shield, a guard, or paintbrush package.

Here is the First Youtube video we ever did! In this 2:05 video it starts and helps show the “take off and landing” of the Slide.n.Swipe. It is very educational about our product so please take a look. Please leave a comment or your opinion.

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