• Crafted with love

    Philippians 4:13  I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

  • Safety

    Safer because it is a single hand held shield that goes around your paintbrush.

  • Safety

    Slide.n.Swipe is safe because you gain 3 point contact when you are on a ladder.

  • Time

    Time is valuable. Slide.n.Swipe saves your time. ( We all know that Taping-in is time consuming).

  • Lightning Fast

    Slide.n.Swipe is fast to get started. Push center down and Slide your paintbrush into package. You are now ready to cut-in/edge or paint around things its that easy!

  • How to operate

    After inserting paintbrush, Place thumb on center of brush slide forward for dipping, then backwards put on edge to be painted push  paintbrush forward on edge. Start cutting in.

  • Loosen grip on package!

    Use the edger as a guide, put less pressure on package and add more pressure with thumb on brush toward the surface.

  • Inside or Outside

    Use Slide.n.Swipe around your house, inside or outside.

  • Cut On Dotted Line

    Cut on dotted lines to use with shorter PaintBrushes. Such as chip and foam Brushes.

  • Less waste

    You can recycle 50% of this product, after using cut off paint and recycle top half.

  • Suggestion

    Use cutoff piece with paint, as a paint sample/chip.