Painting straight lines

By Slide.n.Swipe

Wife holding on to ladder and bucket holding onto a paintbrush edger

Do you struggle painting a straight line?

The best painting tools can help you paint straight lines . 1st tool a paintbrush, 2nd tool the Slide.n.Swipe a (PAINT BRUSH EDGER)! That helps D-I-Y painters to PRO painters paint straight lines SAFER, FASTER, and BETTER. All while containing your paint and using less of your TIME, MONEY, and leaving less WASTE. What makes this product better? It is held single-handedly with a your paintbrush. Paintbrush not included because it fits Any of “Your” 2 inch brushes! Even angled sash brushes.

The art of painting a straight line takes a while doesn’t it?

Definition to Painting:

The art, act or employment of applying paint with a “Brush”!

Pro painters tell you how to paint straight lines is all in the brush you use, They use a 3 inch brush giving them more of a surface to apply a straight line of paint. Pro painters also suggest using an angled sash brush, this helping paint in the corner. Pro painters also suggest taking your time and paint a straight line “free hand”. Painting straight lines free hand though is not always as easy as Pro painters make it sound.

A painting tool to help paint Safer Faster Better