• Paint Brush Package


  • Transforms Into

  • Paint Brush Edger

    5 different 2" paintbrushes in 5 different colored paint edger tools



Push Center of Package Down

Push center of paint edging tool down with both thumbs

Slide Paintbrush Into Tool

Insert brush into painting tool

You Are Ready To Paint An Edge!

Paint brush edging tool

How to paint a straight line, with the Slide.n.Swipe painting tool.

By: Brandon Morgan

To Help Painters Paint Safer

Pro painters cut-in lines “free hand”. Slide.n.Swipe helps D-I-Y painter’s paint straight lines with a single hand. Allowing You to hold onto the ladder while cutting in next to the ceiling above your head.

Cut-in an edge faster

How to start painting has never been faster, push package’s center down insert brush. A guide that helps your paintbrush paint a straight line in no time. Contains your paint in a package while painting. (Less Mess!) After your done you are left with a paintbrush package, or a paint color sample.

How to Paint Better

Slide.n.Swipe helps painters dip the perfect portion of paint onto the bristles helping contain the right amount of paint. Slide.n.Swipe fits Any 2 inch Paintbrush! From American Made to Dollar paintbrushes

Click on icons or titles above to view the Slide.n.Swipe in action. Get helpful tips and tricks on how to paint a straight line. With the Slide.n.Swipe a paintbrush edging tool

What painting tool where you going to cut-in with today?

Are we making cents?

Flat paint edging tool

The Slide.n.Swipe is shipped flat

The Slide.n.Swipe painting tool

Fold into a box.

paint edging tool with the center pressed down

Push center down

See if you think that the Slide.n.Swipe is the best paint edging tool.

Definition to Painting:

The art, act or employment of applying paint with a brush

Paint brushes

Make us the right tool for the job!

Since we use the brush!

Slide.n.Swipe helps painters

Paint on wall.

A paintbrush and edger running out of paint

Paint on trim.

A paint edging tool positioned to paint trim

Slide.n.Swipe helps painters apply paint on wall or trim! Helps paint on the exterior or paint in the interior. Paint on crown molding, Paint on base board, Paint in tight places, Paint in the corner!